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We're a boutique business advisory firm made up of experienced results-driven professionals - a mix of both business and legal talent - graduates of leading companies and law firms
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Helping clients navigate the major challenges impacting their businesses
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Headquartered in London but with a network of experienced consultants further afield in thriving economies such as the United Arab Emirates and Australia

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About us

St George is a boutique business advisory firm made up of results-driven professionals specialising in the enhancement of enterprise value and corporate performance at those critical stages of the business lifecycle.

We work with executives from across the UK and further afield to help their businesses overcome their most vexing challenges through our ability to frame complex problems, think creatively and find pragmatic solutions to generate favourable business outcomes that have a positive, measurable impact on our clients’ objectives and reputations.

We’ve a particular focus on the promotion of good corporate governance, improving the odds of a successful merger or acquisition, and bring together a unique mix of skills and experience to solve the kind of problems that arise for clients dealing with or operating in distressed situations.

See how we can help you.

How we can help

Our consultants use insight, innovation, experience and expertise to transform your ideas and business needs to produce compelling results.

We provide our clients with the tools they need to manage both the day-to-day and the strategic businesses issues that arise by partnering with them as real trusted advisers to help them make the big decisions, keep ahead of their competitors and achieve their strategic objectives to successfully grow their businesses.

We do this by investing time in understanding our clients’ needs, their business structures, goals and objectives, to provide practical, commercially driven advice – every time.

We know what we’re good at and we focus on this. This alignment of focus, experience and expertise, and commitment to the highest service standards, is what helps us generate favourable business outcomes for our clients.

Whether it’s helping set right your corporate governance, closing that all-important merger or acquisition, navigating a financial crisis or the threat of insolvency or negotiating significant commercial contracts, our consultants are here to help.

Commercial Contracts

Risk assessment, efficiency and speed of contracting

Our clients often cite these as major ongoing challenges for their businesses. Contract negotiation can be tricky but if not managed carefully can lead to significant business risk, including exposure to potential losses over an extended period, adversely affecting the profitability and success of a business. It’s essential that terms are understood and framed precisely in the way they’re intended to apply in order to reduce risk and uncertainty and meet the objectives of all participants.

We understand these challenges and we’ll work with our clients to determine the scope for improving the entire contracting function covering risk management, efficiency, and speed of their contracting operations, to better manage their contracts activity (from negotiation to execution to performance). Our approach to contracting ensures risk is actively managed, allows for stronger negotiations and more informed and better decision-making – this means contracts are usually executed faster, revenues are protected, more deals are won and customer relationships are improved.

Contractual claims

Our clients do not want to litigate and would prefer to avoid contractual disputes, however should they arise, our legally qualified consultants will be there to help our clients resolve them. With a wealth of experience in resolving complex commercial disputes and successfully avoiding disputes in the first place – our careful drafting together with our approach to drafting comprehensive dispute resolution clauses has kept more of our clients out of court and promoted a speedier resolution to contractual disputes.

Corporate Governance

Governance is the way that an organisation is directed and controlled and the processes that ensure that all activities undertaken comply with legal, ethical and regulatory requirements.

We make sure that our clients are seen as championing high standards of governance, by drawing upon a unique mix of both legally qualified and chartered company secretarial consultants to review, assess and lay down markers that ensure our clients comply with their legal obligations under the Companies Act and any other rules and regulations to which they are subject. We’ll also advise you on the on the structure, implementation and maintenance of effective governance policies and procedures that we think should be in place to foster and promote better corporate performance.

Our consultants have exceptional experience working with boards and organisations of different sizes and across different sectors of the economy, helping them stay on top of new and existing rules and regulations, and where necessary, navigate complex regulatory change often leading to the development of new business processes and ways of doing business.

Corporate Recovery & Restructuring

We’re focused on helping clients solve the kind of problems that arise when dealing with, or operating, financially troubled companies. We understand that early decisive intervention and strategic thinking is critical when dealing with potential insolvency matters and maximising results for our clients, which include distressed companies, their shareholders, boards of directors, creditors (secured and unsecured) and insolvency practitioners.

Our experience spans the broad spectrum of corporate recovery from restructurings, reorganisations and workout initiatives to avoid the threat of insolvency to working with insolvency practitioners and key stakeholders in formal insolvency processes. In particular, we are experts in helping our clients manage the kinds of issues that can arise when lenders look to actively manage or recover problem loans including the effective management of board performance (in turn safeguarding risk of financial loss to directors personally) particularly when trading in the ‘twilight zone’.

Our consultants are there to ensure clients have the advice and support they need to produce solutions most appropriate to their businesses by working closely with management and senior teams to identify the scale of the issues that need to be addressed and work quickly to develop a recovery plan and identify critical milestones that need to be achieved. If required, we’ll also support the delivery of a recovery plan by being directly involved in negotiations with key stakeholders.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We advise public and private companies, both large and small, young and old, on a range of corporate and commercial matters with a strong track record advising businesses on significant strategic transactions such as mergers and acquisitions and deals to demerge certain operations to make each client’s business a more attractive proposition to investors.

Mergers & Acquisitions

A merger or acquisition represents a defining moment in any company’s history and we’re proud to have worked for an impressive list of clients on the implementation of their growth plans and exit strategies as well as advising an increasing number of overseas investors seeking M&A opportunities in the United Kingdom.

We’re highly regarded due to our experienced, flexible and progressive approach and excellent project management skills.

Private Equity

Our consultants have come from leading private equity houses and law firms and their expertise is found at every point of the private equity fund cycle including fund formation and administration, LBOs, MBOs, MBIs, secondary buy-outs, capital raisings, portfolio monitoring, exits and divestments.

Venture Capital

Venture Capital is a niche source of funding that is often a catalyst for early-stage high-potential growth companies and we’re excited to be working with venture capitalists and entrepreneurs to support them with the formation and promotion of new and ground-breaking companies (startups).

The risk profile of a venture capital investment matches closely the uncertainty that comes with pioneering new ideas and technologies – we understand that when our clients have found their next investment, they’ll want to spend the majority of their time focusing on securing the upside potential, so while they’re doing that, our consultants will be on hand to ensure they have appropriate downside protection as well.

Corporate Advisory

We also advise clients on a broad range of corporate matters such as company formation, joint venture and shareholder agreements, investment structures, share incentive schemes, capital raisings and other capital restructurings and reorganisations – the broad spectrum of corporate issues that arise when owning, managing and promoting the success of private companies.

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